From the Director


Susan Edwards


Our mandate to show the art of the world gives us a good bit of latitude, but it is important to consider the thinking behind this concept. We are bombarded by thousands of images each day that contain overt and subtle messages. Visual literacy is as important as the ability to read words and understand their meaning in context. Our goal in presenting exhibitions from all cultures and all mediums is to expose our viewers to many different ways of seeing the world.

This summer we are presenting a novel exhibition in the Ingram Gallery, Watch Me Move: The Animation Show. It offers a broad look at the evolution of moving images from the nineteenth century to today. Animation is almost universally appealing, and as such can be so disarming that we are caught off guard. It can also be a powerful vehicle for delivering poignant messages. This takes us back to the importance of acquiring visual literacy so we can decipher subtle and subliminal messaging not only in art but also in our everyday lives. 

Watch Me Move is composed of hours of video presentations. To see it all requires multiple visits. We hope your schedule will allow you to visit the Frist many times this summer so you can delve more deeply into the pleasures and mysteries of animation. 

Regardless of whether you see the exhibition once or repeatedly, any time invested will be rewarding. Please join us.

Susan H. Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director and CEO

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