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In some museums, photography is allowed. In others it is allowed sometimes but not always. This can be confusing for visitors and staff alike. What is behind these mutable rules and policies is a complex network of contractual agreements, conservation requirements, and copyright protections.

Take heart. Many institutions and individuals are studying ways to streamline procedures to improve the visitor experience and extend their educational reach. For example, the Rauschenberg Foundation recently decided to make images of the late artist’s work widely available for free, in hopes of stimulating scholarship and expanding his legacy.

At the Frist Center, we allow photography when we can, and we encourage you, your family, and your friends to share your visits on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. We cannot permit the use of flash, monopods, tripods, or video cameras, however, and with some shows, all photography, including “selfies,” is prohibited. We post signs to make you aware of these limitations; they may include a camera icon with a slash through it. 

If you miss the notices and a guard lets you know that no photography is allowed, please remember that she or he is helping us comply with lender mandates and copyright laws.

Our goal is to ensure that your visits to the Frist are enjoyable, memorable, and meaningful. We are pleased to report that the lenders of the automobiles and motorcycles in Bellissima! have allowed us to relax photography restrictions. We hope you can visit the Frist Center this summer, where you will be welcomed and encouraged to take selfies and other photos in the exhibition.

Susan H. Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director and CEO


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