April 6, 2018

Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville

Schermerhorn Symphony Center, FREE

  • Nick Cave. Heard performance. © Nick Cave. Photo: James Prinz Photography

  • Nick Cave. Heard performance. © Nick Cave. Photo: James Prinz Photography

Friday, April 6, 2018

10:00 a.m. Matinee for the general public, school groups, and home schools 
7:30 p.m. Evening performance for the general public

NOTE: Both performances are currently sold out. Click on the “Reserve Tickets” button below for information on how to be added to the wait list.



This coming spring, Nick Cave will return to Nashville to direct Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville. The free large-scale performances will include three customized compositions (“Blanket Statement,” “Heard,” and “Up Right”) that combine a variety of genres, from music and dance to spoken word, with Cave’s signature soundsuits as part of the visual extravaganza. An explosion of color, sound, and energy, Cave’s art often defies traditional definitions, and is unforgettable once it has been encountered.

In addition to creating elaborate and thought-provoking objects for presentation in galleries and museums, as in the exhibition Nick Cave: Feat., Cave wants his role as a messenger to engage a broader audience. The titles of the exhibition and the performances, with their abbreviation of the word “feature,” invoke the larger purpose behind Cave’s involvement with the Frist Center: to feature the people and issues of Nashville by way of artistic performance. The artist’s commitment to “hiring the community” means that Cave is collaborating with local preprofessional and professional choreographers, dancers, musicians, students, and leaders to produce Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville. Together, the artist, the cast, the crew, and the audience will explore themes of identity, social justice, and the power of art to transform our world, doing so from multiple vantage points.

Cave’s performance art is as much about process as results. Cave sees projects like Feat. Nashville as opportunities for regional performers and community members to discover more about one another as they participate in and contribute to a work that will receive national attention. Feat. Nashville will also provide emerging talents with the rare, transformative experience of working with and being mentored by a top-tier artist and learning from him about how to channel creativity into a sustainable career.

Please plan to join us on April 6 for Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville. To witness the artist and his collaborators sharing their collective sense of wonder, awe, and social inclusion with the rest of Music City will be an extraordinary occasion—and celebration—you won’t want to miss. 


Sponsor: The Bonnaroo Works Fund
This performance is also supported in part by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission and the Tennessee Arts Commission. Additional support provided by an Art Works grant by the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Creation Grant courtesy of the Metro Nashville Arts Commission



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