Membership FAQs

Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding membership. If you don’t find your question, please contact our Membership Office at 615.744.4919.

Who qualifies as a student?
A person of any age with a valid student ID from a college or university can purchase a Student Membership. Students must present their ID at the time of their visit.

Who qualifies as a teacher?
All active teachers with a valid form of ID such as a state issued educators license, pay stub, or current teacher identification badge are eligible to purchase a Teacher Membership. Also, home school teachers with a valid ID can receive the Teacher rate.

Who qualifies as a senior?
The Frist Center recognizes individuals 65 and older as seniors.

What’s the difference between a Dual and Family Membership?
Both memberships have two primary members. However, with the Family Membership you can designate a caregiver to bring your children to the Frist Center if you are unavailable to do so yourself. In addition, a Family membership provides your children (18 and under) with a birthday card and gift.

When does my membership expire?
Your Frist Center membership expires one year from the end of the month in which you purchased it. Example: If you purchased on June 15, 2016, your expiration date would be June 30, 2017.

Do Frist Center members receive discounts in the Gift Shop?
Yes, a 10% discount is applied on all Gift Shop purchases.

What does waive my benefits mean?
Memberships of $125 and below are fully tax-deductible. Memberships of $250 and above have the option to waive the cost of benefits and receive full tax-deductibility.

Is my membership tax-deductible?
Yes, see below to find your tax deductible status:
Patron- $250: Tax deductible amount is $245
Benefactor- $500: Tax deductible amount is $495
Director’s Circle- $1,000: Tax deductible amount is $890
President’s Circle- $2,500: Tax deductible amount is $2,315
Rembrandt Circle- $5,000: Tax deductible amount is $4,815
Picasso Circle- $10,000: Tax deductible amount is $9,815

Because of the complexity of tax regulations, we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor if you have questions regarding your individual circumstances. If you have any other questions regarding tax-deductibility please contact the membership department at 615.744.4919.

Do guest passes roll over from year to year?
Guest passes are a benefit of purchasing a membership. Each year that you renew your membership you will receive new guest passes.

Can my guest(s) come to the Frist Center without a member present?
We encourage members to bring guests to the Frist Center. As a courtesy, we ask that at least one member be present for a guest to use a member’s benefits.

Who can I designate as a secondary member on my membership?
A friend, family member, colleague or anyone that you wish can be a secondary member on a membership.

How long does it take to receive my membership cards?
Here at the Frist Center we strive to bring you the best customer service possible. You may begin using your membership immediately after purchase and should expect to receive your new membership card(s) within two to three weeks. You may always visit without your card(s). Upon your arrival, check in at the member services window with picture ID.

Does my membership include entrance to Frist Fridays?

Can I use my guest passes for Frist Fridays?

How do I receive my guest passes and parking passes?
Being a Frist Center member should be as easy and fun as possible. Who wants to keep up with more stuff? All benefits, including guest passes and parking passes, are noted on your account and can be redeemed upon visiting the membership desk. 

May I bring a guest to member previews?
Member Previews are just one of the great benefits of being a member here at the Frist Center and allow members to preview the art before the general public. We encourage members to bring guests to see all the wonderful things the Frist Center has to offer. Since this is a member benefit, all guests will be charged an admission fee that can be used toward the purchase of a membership.

Do members receive a discount on parking?
Yes, members receive a discounted rate of $2 the first hour and a $1 for each additional hour. Contributing members receive 4 free parking passes and that number increases with each level of giving. Circle members receive free parking for the entire year.

Do members receive a discount on audio guides?
Yes, audio guides are FREE for members!

Is my membership transferable to another person or family?
Members are always welcome to use their guest passes to bring a friend or family member, however memberships are non-transferable and are only valid for the persons whose names appear on the membership.

Can I use my admission ticket toward a membership?
Yes. A day-of admission receipt is redeemable toward your membership if you purchase the membership that same day.

How do I purchase a gift of membership?
There are 3 easy ways to purchase a gift membership. You can purchase a gift of membership in person, over the phone at 615.744.3325 or on our website. You can specify whether you would like recipient member cards to be mailed to the recipient or to yourself the giver.  The membership is active upon purchase.

Do I need to register or sign in as part of the membership transaction or donation process?
You do not need to register or sign in as part of the membership transaction or donation process. We have a database process that automatically links your online donation or membership renewal to your current account based on certain matching criteria such as name, address, and email. Registering and signing in will afford the convenience of auto-populating your address information, but it is not necessary.

Do you have a reciprocal network with other museums?
Members at the Friend level and above receive reciprocal benefits to other participating institutions.

Friend level:
• Inclusion in the North American Reciprocal Museum Program (NARM) which includes over 800 museums.  For a full list, call 615.744.4919 or visit
• Inclusion in the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums Network (ROAM). Click here for participating museums.

Patron/Benefactor level and above:
• Inclusion in the North American Reciprocal Museum Program (NARM) which includes over 800 museums.  For a full list, call 615.744.4919 or visit
• Inclusion in the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums Network (ROAM). Click here for participating museums
• Inclusion in the Art Museum Reciprocal Network

What is Avant-Garde?
Avant-Garde members develop an insider’s appreciation for the variety of exhibitions the Frist Center offers, enjoy invitations to social and educational events, and have the unique opportunity to mix and mingle with other members who share a passion for the visual arts and are committed to supporting the Frist Center. Avant-Garde membership is an add-on to any level of membership. All Frist Center members may join the Avant-Garde by adding a $50 program fee to their basic or contributing membership dues.

Where can I access a copy of the 2015 Frist Center Community Report?
View a copy of the 2015 Frist Center Community Report here.
View a copy of the 2015 Frist Center Financial Statement here.


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