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Since its opening in 2001, the Frist Center has gained an international reputation not only as an important venue for looking at and learning about art, but also as the site of an architectural landmark. As the Nashville skyline rapidly changes, the Frist Center’s historic art deco building—a former federal post office—serves as a symbol both of the city’s rich history and its bright future. 

Art Deco Society members help support the on-going care of this treasure. Patrons, Friends, and Supporters are recognized on-site at the Frist Center as well as on this page. All gifts to the Art Deco Society are fully tax-deductible. Please contact Veronica PremDas at 615.744.4927 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to learn more.       




We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our current Art Deco Society members.

Barbara and Jack Bovender
Sara and Richard Bovender

Patrons ($2,500)

Barbara and Jack Bovender
Robert and Carol Frist
Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr. and Patricia C. Frist
Patricia and Rodes Hart
Mrs. Charles W. Hawkins III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klaritch
Lynn and Ken Melkus
R. C. Mathews Contractor
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Scarola
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sohr

List current as of December 31, 2016



Friends ($1,000)

Ann and Frank Bumstead
Debbie and Fred Cassetty
David and Karen Conrad
Colleen Conway-Welch
Kim and Eddie DeMoss
Susan H. Edwards
Karyn McLaughlin Frist
Jonathan Harwell
Corinne and Brock Kidd
Ellen Harrison Martin
Patricia and James Munro
Teresa and Michael Nacarato
Robert and Kathy Olsen
Peggy and Hal Pennington
Jan and Stephen Riven
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Spitz
Marge Tamberino

List current as of December 31, 2016


Anonymous (2)
Carolyn and David Amiot
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hunter Atkins, Jr.
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Begtrup
Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Boehm
Philip Bredesen and Andrea Conte
Merle Born and Gregory Hersh
Jere and Crystal Brassell
Philip Bredesen and Andrea Conte
Ellen B. Byrd
John C. Cate and Ellen W. Cate
Laura and John Chadwick
Scott C. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clay, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Jose E. Dirube
Mr. and Mrs. George Gadsby Creagh, in honor of Susie Creagh Elder
Elaine and Edward Eskind
Sandra and Don Fields
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fitzgerald, Jr.
Amy P. and Frank M. Garrison, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Carl George
Bob and Julie Gordon
Dr. Ken Grambihler
Mrs. Kate R. W. Grayken
Jean S. Harris
Pat and Marc Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ingram
Mrs. Martha R. Ingram
Catherine and Clay Jackson
Sally Levine
Trish and John Lindler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lowe, Jr.
Lisa and David Manning
Tommy McEwen
Anne and Peter Neff
Craig Philip and Marian Ott
Delphine and Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts, Jr.
Elaina H. Scott, in memory of the late J. Ronnie Scott
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Seabury III
Alan and Jón Snetman
Becky and James Summar
David and Kathryn Thompson
Alex and Emily Townes
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Turner, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Karl VanDevender
Dr. Jan van Eys
Candace and William Wade
Dr. Alix Weiss Sharp and Ms. Monica Weiss Sharp
Stacy Widelitz
Katherine and Jay Williams
Beth A. Zaborny

List current as of December 31, 2016


Michael Aurbach
Claudette Beasley
Nancy R. Berry
C. Scott and Mary Ann Chase
John O. Colton
Martha Davenport
Donna DeStefano
Em J. Ghianni
Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Hiranya Gowda
Helen Herring and Clayton Lainhart
Wayne and Fran Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Koonce
Theresa F. Lapidus
Mrs. Barbara W. Love
Mrs. Catherine M. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. James A. O’Neill, Jr.
Ophelia and George Paine
Pamela Johnson, in honor of Ken Roberts
Steve Sirls and Allen DeCuyper
Mrs. Madison Smith
Deborah Story
Dr. Jeff Thompson
Julie and Breck Walker
Patricia A. Ward
Richard and Cathy Warren
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. White
Vivian R. and Richard A. Wynn

List current as of December 31, 2016



R.C. Mathews

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